A parlay wager means you must choose at least two bets to make and win them both to win the parlay. A $100 bet on this three-team parlay would profit us $560 if all three bets win. If any of these three games lose, we would lose our $100 wager.

Tip #1: Avoid Filling Your Parlay Up With Moneyline Heavy Favorites

This means, you would multiply 4.08 by the amount you wish to bet on the parlay. Because you included the risk amount you will need to subtract 1. If you decided to bet $40 on this parlay, you would multiply 3.08 x 40 which would end up being a $123.20 ticket if both teams win.

Should I Bet Same Game Parlays?

West Virginia (KenPom #48) meets Elon (KenPom #201) Thursday night in the quarterfinals of the Charleston Classic. The Mountaineers currently sit as 13-point favorites in this neutral site contest and are the recommended side to cover the spread. Elon hasn’t been very crisp on offense as the Phoenix turn the basketball over on 20.1% of their possessions (203rd in D-1.) Getting to 60+ points will be difficult for the Phoenix.

The moneyline is only an 8/5 underdog, and the chosen over was the favorite. There are Free Cash Flow Formula two more common types of NFL bets that feature combinations of multiple outcomes, and they are detailed below. The first package contains the purchase of the sheet for multiple times. If you are a new comer of if you’re just starting out in this field of Betting and winning.

Guard Jarkel Joiner has been elevated to the lead scorer role and so far he has thrived, he is averaging 18ppg and making 55% of his threes. That number is going to drop with more attempts but as long as he gets some help putting the ball in the basket the Rebels will compete in this game and in the SEC. They have the athletes to play good defense which will make this game a slog.

Sportsbooks in Colorado were forced to find unique betting markets, and table tennis was the main sport that was chosen. Since May, table tennis has remained as one of the top-five betting markets in the state, even though the major sports have returned. Major League Soccer is starting to become popular in the US, but it still trails the other major professional sports. Soccer is the most popular sport worldwide, and it has been a popular betting market in the US. Esports betting has swept the world since the COVID-19 pandemic struck the nation.

Legalized sports betting has forced bookmakers to become more creative with their offerings. One of the most popular new options is the same-game parlay. They allow bettors to place parlays on correlated events that weren’t allowed at your grandparents sportsbook.

If 5 out of 8 teams win the amount of your return will depend on what the odds were on those 5 teams. Same-game parlays haven’t been around very long, so don’t be surprised if many bettors haven’t even placed one. FanDuel originally rolled out same-game parlays in 2019, and the platform likely didn’t expect the wave of popularity that would follow. Since its introduction, same-game parlays have become commonplace on other sports betting apps, albeit sometimes under different names. The Dallas Mavericks are set to take on the Phoenix Suns at Footprint Center on Wednesday, November 17, 2021.

Whether you choose to follow our free sports betting picks or not, we always recommend betting on legal betting sites that have a gaming license in your state. Betting with any other bookmakers will cause you to get into trouble that you certainly don’t want to be in. Similar to NCAAF, NCAAB predictions at BettingBilly are based on expert knowledge and understanding of the game, the players and the climate of the league itself. Our pundits focus on both the actual stats and the feel they get for players, coaches and teams throughout the season.