If you had bet $200 (1/5th) straight up on each game, you’d get roughly $1,500 back, so the round robin worked well for you. Now that you know how a round robin bet works, we’ll leave you with one last note. When it comes to round robin parlays you don’t have to play every permutation. Or if you want to bet the three-game, four-game and five-game permutations, but skip the two-game parlays, you can do that as well.

  • Also keep an eye on the total stake for a Round Robin bet.
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That’s why round robins in this way can be fun and effective — you’re creating upside for yourself — but they’re also an easy way to lose money fast if you’re not careful. You don’t have to bet $5 on each parlay — you can do $1, $2, whatever you want — but then your payouts will be smaller, of course. Maybe you’ve seen a round robin as an option at your sportsbook, but have never dipped your toes into the forbidden waters.


Meaning if you were to wager your free bet on a -110 moneyline and win, you’d only receive a payout of $9.20. However, if you use your free bet on a parlay, you have a better chance of returning a profit. A Round Robin bet involves placing multiple parlay bets at one time. A bettor will choose anywhere from three to eight teams and then will choose to do parlays anywhere from two to eight teams.

What Is A Round Robin Sports Bet?

You can still profit from your round robin bet even if only two out of your three parlays win. Not every individual parlay must win for you to earn from a round robin bet. You can also make a bet containing multiple parlay wagers.

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Specifically, a successful teaser will not pay out as much as a parlay with the same selections. Quite simply, a teaser allows the bettor to tease, or move, the odds of the bets in a parlay in his or her favor. Teasers are only permitted for point spreads and totals – it wouldn’t really make sense to try and apply a teaser to a moneyline.

The name comes from round robin tournaments where each team in the tournament plays against each other at least once. For example, a three-pick, two-way parlay requires 3 different bets. That could be up to $300 at risk with a $100 bet, and you stand to lose all of that money if just one of your teams loses. Putting down that same bet as a RR bet will allow you to reduce your bets’ risk by 30%, though you stand to win less.

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The risks are lower when you choose to make round robin bets rather than regular parlay betting. But despite being a low-stake bet, round robin bets allow you to spread out your risks without totally sacrificing your payout. In parlay betting, all single bets should win for a bettor to win the stake.

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Select your desired lines by clicking the appropriate boxes . As you can see, if some of your picks are correct and some are wrong, you can still make a profit . You will not make as much as if you had risked 7 on the 3-team parlay, but your risk is much lower. A round robin takes your risk and splits it up over more, smaller bets.

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