Bonanza ranks 117th among Marketplace sites. Overall, Bonanza is a legit website who’s been in business since 2008, but as you can see below there are mixed reviews and feedback from customers. Bonanza’s customer support can be slow to respond via email.

And when we tested the withdrawal feature, it was easy to see that there are no hidden fees. Everything on Bitcoin Bonanza works, and the system is legit. We created our first Bitcoin Bonanza account on the second day of this review, following our plan to test the trading robot. It was so easy to create an account; we downloaded the form on the site and entered the information needed.

  • Thankfully, there are many trading robots you can use that work efficiently for your goals.
  • Bonanza is worse than a scam — they’re breaking federal trade and antitrust laws, which would make them felons.
  • I got what I ordered and Win10 is a great product.
  • Bitcoin Bonanza is entirely free including the registration process.

The product worked as advertised and cheaper than I could have bought elsewhere. With only a little more setup time needed to tailor Win 10 to my needs. Collection in Win 10,but I found out that it is easy to simply change the way the OS behaves to negate any privacy concerns the user might have.

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Windows Product Keys From Bonanza Sellers

The online listing showed nothing about item being damaged. I received shipment and vintage item had damage to it. Seller said it was in listing and when looking AFTER I purchased it, there was description added about damage. WAS NOT THERE WHEN I PURCHASED. Seller offered to resolution.

What Are The Pros Of Bonanza?

Similar to its rivals in the marketplace, Bonanza is simply a business platform. Nonetheless, Bonanza is for selling and buying anything but the ordinary. When using this marketplace, online merchants can build an online store and list their products for sale. Customers will be able to approach their sites to look through the listed products and decide to purchase. Reading further on the Bitcoin Bonanza website, the operators claim that their app has helped people become millionaires.

I was posting in the Ask The Community to see if anyone else was having this problem, found a couple but Bonanza kept deleting the posts. Then they blocked me from posting there, blocked me from using the chat box in my booth and blocked me from using the Bmail. If someone sends a Bmail with a question I can’t even answer it. Support won’t even answer my questions any more as I wanted to know why I was blocked.

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Windows Product Keys From Bonanza Sellers

I tried to locate my store on the internet and could never pull it up. This site had 167 bad reviews referencing no sales and a step up of fees per month to have them allow you to have more views to your booth. So, the bottom line is this site really wants you to be a gold member and pay fee after fee. The only successful sellers I found were the stores from EBay. As a new small business I expected some results not a waste of my small start up money.

I just bought Office 365 Lifetime Subscription and all seems to be working great. Gives me all the programs I was looking for and was able to get it set up in no time. Haven’t used all the programs yet, but the few I have used have been flawless. Product as advertised, seller most helpful with tech support, very satisfied with transaction. Microsoft Office 2016 is a valuable product.

I’m glad you were able to read my review before wasting time and money with this. There is more in the fine print than just additional charges. They also reserve the right to sell your information to other businesses that they feel you would be interested. Seeing as they don’t really know you, they do not know what your interests are and your email and phone number will be sold to everyone. If you were to go to the application page and try to leave, a timer would come up telling you that there is limited space available and that your offer will expire in 10 minutes. This is a scare tactic that many shady companies use when they want to get people to sign up for their product without thinking about it.

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Windows Product Keys From Bonanza Sellers

How can you trust in a crypto robot platform when they couldn’t even write the name of their robot correctly? Also, the whole page is full of typos and grammatical errors. But that’s not the case – they are referring to the cryptocurrency Bitcoin. When trading, the opposite of fear is greed. And if you are too greedy, those profits can easily become losses as the market will eventually crash or shift to a downtrending period. The auto-trading feature is available on the live trading platform.